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Junior Breakers Leagues


Junior Breakers Leagues is the perfect opportunity for your kids to have fun with sports!
Semester Two Leagues run over both Term 3 and 4 and provides a professional sports team experience for kids aged 5 - 11! 
Leagues are run via local sport coordinators; if you have any queries please email


Year 3-4 Monday Nights

Start: Monday 22 July

Finish: Monday 04 December

17 Weeks 

No Game: Monday 28th October (Public Holiday)


Year 5-6 Tuesday & Thursday Nights

Start Date: Week of 22 July

Finish Date: Week of 05 December

18 Weeks


Year 1-2 Wednesday Nights

Start: Wednesday 24 July

Finish: Wednesday 06 December

18 Weeks 


Year 3-4 Friday Nights

Start Date: Friday 26 July 

Finish Date: Friday 08 December

18 Weeks  

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